• Accomplished Software Engineer with over 8 years of experience, specializing in Ruby on Rails and cloud-based SaaS platforms.

  • Proven expertise in leading complex software projects and optimizing system performance.

  • BS degree in Computer Science.

  • Side projects in Go, Typescript, React, Next.js.

Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineer

Oct 2021 – Nov 2023

  • Developed features and improvements to core API with performance, security, and scaling in mind.

  • Designed and built a secure internal admin platform in Angular and NestJS, allowing the safe management of microservices and faster resolution time for common production incidents, saving over 200 hours of on-call time in the first month after going live.

  • Elevated engineering org performance by mentoring peers in 1:1s, facilitating pair programming sessions, and conducting thorough code reviews.

  • Worked across teams on high priority, high urgency tasks and contributed to the technical design and direction of products being built.

  • Alleviated bottleneck API endpoints identified through DataDog by analyzing PostgreSQL queries, removing deadlocks, and optimizing the Ruby on Rails codebase to reduce avg response times of ~500k daily requests from over 20 seconds to under 500ms.

  • Orchestrated a seamless migration from Heroku to AWS, built with Kubernetes, Terraform and ArgoCD, ensuring functional parity and the uninterrupted flow of Sidekiq and Redis queues for 100% uptime.

  • Improved Github Actions CI/CD pipeline to properly cache dependencies, reducing runtime of the testing suite from 7 mins avg to 30 seconds, greatly improving developer productivity.

  • Implemented strategic procedures and playbooks on Jira and Confluence to significantly enhance incident response efficiency that slashed average resolution time from 60 days to 3 days.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, Roda, Sequel, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sidekiq, Kubernetes, Terraform, ArgoCD, Github Actions, DataDog, Sentry, Jira, Confluence

Senior Software Engineer

Smartcare Software
June 2019 – Oct 2021

  • Migrated systems to AWS, improving application response times, increasing availability to 99.99%, and saving over $50,000 per year in infrastructure costs.

  • Architected an easily extendable system for integrating with API’s of data aggregators nationwide for the submission of electronic visit verification data for Medicaid billing.

  • Collected mobile device data to verify visits with patients, including GPS coordinates, telephony messages through Twilio, and voice recordings through a Cordova mobile app.

  • Upgraded acquired healthcare EMR backend from Ruby on Rails 3 to 6.

Technologies used: PHP, Ruby on Rails, AWS, Twilio, Cordova

Software Engineer

Oct 2017 – June 2019

  • University of MN: Developed a dashboard application in Ruby on Rails and Angular for an open-source textbook initiative, providing pipeline tracking and Qualtrics survey analytics.

  • Pyxl: Revamped pricing calculations and enabled automated deployments of Ruby on Rails application using GitLab CI/CD workflows for a commercial ladder business.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, Angular, AWS, Twilio, Cordova, GitLab CI/CD

Ruby on Rails Developer

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
May 2015 – Dec 2017

  • Created and maintained Ruby on Rails applications that facilitated the needs of the university.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, Mysql, MS SQLServer

Technical Skills

  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, React, Next.js, Angular

  • Languages: Ruby, Go, Typescript, SQL

  • Platforms: AWS, Heroku, Vercel, Render, Netlify

  • Technologies: Docker, Github Actions, Semaphore, DataDog, HoneyBadger, Cloudflare


BSc Computer Science

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
2014 – 2017

Minor: Economics